There Is So Much CONTROVERSY Contained In This Book You Will Be Kept In Conversation Topics For Years To Come...


Dear Friend,

This book will throw the cat among the pigeons. You may love it or hate it but you will not be able to ignore it or put it down till you get to the last page.

There is so much controversy contained in this book that you will be kept in conversation topics for years to come. It is so controversial it will probably be banned in most churches.

Topics never before discussed openly in your home, work place or church.

You will find simple answers to questions commonly asked by Christians and sceptics alike!

  • Discover where Cain got his wife from.
  • How did all the animals fit into the ark?
  • How to find Christian partners.
  • What happened to the lost tribes of Israel?
  • Will there ever be peace on earth?
  • When do you go to heaven?
  • Who really built the Great Pyramid?
  • Why am I on this earth?

Some of the other topics
covered in this book:

  • Christian Dating
  • Marriage
  • How to get saved
  • Divine Healing
  • Bible Prophecy
  • Quality of Life
  • The Latter Rain
  • Life After Death
  • Life Before Death
  • Comfort
  • Friendship
  • How To Beat Loneliness
  • How to get on with people and be a good leader

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